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Taurus Red Grommet Instructions


Gemini presents newly designed super durable red gear, and yellow groove grommets made of the worlds most abrasion resistant material, polyurethane. This type of polyurethane can not be injection molded but must be mixed and cast by hand and then cured in an oven overnight. These incredible parts roll against your diamond blade keeping it steady at a speed of 1800 feet per minute (which is 14,000 revolutions per minute or 20 miles per hour). the newly designed red grommet is reported to last many times longer than its predecessor.


 The grommets are primary for good ring saw action and holding the blade in it's proper place. Failure to replace these grommets in time can cause the blade to run out of round, work harden i.e., become brittle, and break for no apparent reason. the first set of grommets on a new blade will wear quickest as the diamonds are always rougher in the first hour of use before they are broken in. The second set will last much longer. Red grommets need replacing when they no longer hold the blade from moving more than 1/16 of an inch during use. Note that using all sides of blade with moderate pressure while cutting will yield maximum grommet life. If small pieces of material fall into the red grommets while cutting, listen for a change in sound. If there is a new sound do not resume cutting until the obstructing material is removed from the red grommets so that they rotate freely.

Yellow groove grommets show no sign of visible wear unless you take them off and observe the depth of the groove. Replace the yellow groove grommets once for every two times you change the red gear grommets. Be sure to change all grommets whenever you install a new blade.


Replace the grommets by peeling the worn ones off of the bearings and pressing new ones onto the bearings. Note: new red grommets have a small hole on one side and a larger hole on the other. Be sure to put the small hole outside towards the head of the screw or the grommets will not line up with one another. Slight misalignment is natural as each grommet is hand made. Check for smooth rotation when both grommets are together. If the rotation is not smooth, turn one of the grommets around. If they still do not rotate, check for obstructions. Remove obstruction with nail clippers or exacto knife.