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Lead Came
Lead Came is a technique of building stained glass using pre-shaped strips to tie the glass pieces together. Lead Came is made from Lead with small amounts of other metals such as copper, tin, antimony and bismuth. The metals are combined to create a Lead alloy which is pressed through molds into long flexible strips. A good Lead Came alloy maintains the fine grain structure native to pure Lead but has extra strength, flexibility and resistance to oxidation.
The finished Lead Came strips are formed into "H" and "U" shaped channels. The channels are sized to receive and grip your stained glass pieces. The outer edges of the Lead Came strips come in 'flat' or 'rounded' shapes. It is important to stretch the Lead Came before it is used.
There are several tools and supplies that can make working with Lead Came easier. These include: German Glazing Nails, Glassmaster Lead Knife, Stanton Lead Stretcher and Miracle Mudd.
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